I am not sure how much you know about what I do and how it is done, so I will give you a brief overview & we can discuss anything you want in more detail.
I do a 70-80 minute life changing overhaul of your personal credit card points / air miles / airlines situation & home spending. This is done in three sections with very clear aims :

  1. Incoming Points – All about your credit cards : Maximizing your points – Changing the cards you have mathematically. Most of my clients double or triple their monthly points.
  2. Outgoing Points – Educate / spend points – Teach you how to fly for FREE . I will go into detail on how to use & transfer your points & miles efficiently for your lifestyle.
  3. Efficiency & Optimization – Minimizing your spend – I will match up technology, products, points, apps, websites, loyalty schemes, banks, credit cards to have them all work together to give you more benefits in the form of points, air miles or cash back. I will reduce your monthly spend & save you money.

This is all done in one meeting with one payment, one time only with NO up sells, add ons or need for anything else.


Once you have booked your consultation you will be contacted to provide your last months credit card / debit card statements as a PDF download from your bank &/or Credit card company, along with your current credit score & where you are looking at it.

If your credit score is over 720 there is no need to be specific, anything you see in your banking app or is fine.

If your score is around 720 or less I will need a download of the full report from
(this costs $1 & after you have downloaded it, you can cancel it)

This allows me to spend time analyzing your spend, do the math & create the optimal plan for you to gain more points, air miles & cash back to get you the free business class flying & savings.

Once I have done the work, I will email you back with:-

  • The approx numbers of how many points I can achieve for you
  • How much I can make you in free flying
  • Amount of savings in other parts of your monthly spend.


Upon arrival or at the start of our video call, Owen will give you or send a signed NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). This legal document confirms that any personal information you provide to Owen, shall not be discussed or shared with anyone else.

Together you & Owen will go through The Points Partner program : This comprises a series of questions designed to give Owen all the information he requires to make recommendations.

  • You will be educated & guided in detail what to do , how & when to get the most of out of your personal situation.
  • If not covered during the session, Owen will summarize actionable tasks at the end of it.
  • Please have a laptop, tablet or something available to take notes – there will be some things to do after the meeting.
  • A session normally lasts between 70-80 mins.

Thanks & looking forward to making the changes with you!