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I am Owen Beiny

a Brit living in LA

A former CEO, I’ve spent 15 years traveling across the globe.

As a single father to a beautiful girl, I know how to travel both with kids and in style – using points, air miles, upgrades and benefits. 

After years of helping friends and family with my experience and knowledge of using benefits efficiently, I have turned my hobby into a business.


What Clients Say

Owen has helped thousands of people across America get more points and taught them how to fly for free using his method of Pyramid of Points. Visit the Fly Free Academy to learn howe to do the same.

"I just came back from a first class trip to Europe, I think that says it all. I now get around 40% more points each month and save about $350 a month due to the recommendations that Owen made."

Brian R Businessman

"With 2 new credit cards, 1 new airline and some great advice, I have now booked my husband & I to Japan and back for free... In business class. This guy knows what he is doing. He is for sure my Points Partner!"

Louisa B Nurse

"My family of four now do three international trips a year in lay flat beds thanks to the changes that Owen made for us. I can’t say enough about this guy and what he does."

Simon R Designer
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